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Throughout the years, the professional basketball league of Puerto Rico – Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) – has been recognized as one of the top competitions of the Americas continent. Its beginnings date back to as early as 1930 - making the league one of the oldest in the world with 90 continuous years of serving basketball to the Puerto Rican community.


Using a market-approach valuation method, WIN-SportsBiz Forum ranked from 1-12 all twelve franchises of the BSN during the 2021 season.   To do so, six metrics were evaluated: franchise sporting history, socioeconomic indicators for each market of the twelve participating franchises, operating revenues for each franchise from the 2021 season, past sales from the last decade (2012-2022), commercial partners for each franchise, and social media growth for each franchise during the 2021 season.

BSN's Most Valuable Franchises '21

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