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Sergio Aguero Announces New Esports Team – KRÜ Esports

Famous footballer Sergio Agüero has today unveiled his new Esports team, KRÜ Esports. The four-time Premier League champion has been a popular figure on the twitch platform over recent months and has set his sights even higher. Sergio Aguero Announces new esports team will also be self-funded, with all earnings made from the platform to be reinvested into the team.

The world-class Argentinian striker, who plays for English side Manchester City, Has made a number of headlines in both the football and gaming community recently. During the lockdown, he phoned his good friend, Lionel Messi during a Livestream – You may have heard of him.

At current, there is nobody signed onto the roster of KRÜ Esports. But in the announcement trailer a number of titles were showcased, including Rainbow Six: Siege, Fifa 21, Rocket League, and Valorant.

The team has announced sponsors of the E-sports team include Twitch, Aorus, and AMD. The team is speculated to operate in both Latin America AND Europe. Which is massive for E-sports across Southern and Central America. Aguero has fast become one of the largest Spanish speaking twitch streamers in the world. Displaying hilarious antics, outbursts, stories, and breakdowns of his own football performances on stream in front of audiences regularly exceeding 40,000.

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