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MLB Partners With T-Mobile To Broadcast World Series BP With 5G-Powered Cameras Mounted On Caps

5G is your field pass at the World Series! Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS), Major League Baseball, and the Major League Baseball Players, Inc announced they’re putting fans onto the field alongside the world’s best players as they gear up for the 116th Fall Classic, bringing people closer than ever to the action with T-Mobile 5G BP.

With 5G-powered cameras on America’s largest 5G network, the Un-carrier and MLB will present a streaming batting practice show like nothing fans have ever seen: T-Mobile 5G BP. T-Mobile 5G BatterCams mounted on caps of players and coaches will provide a first-person view of the action on the field in real-time. 360-degree T-Mobile 5G FieldCams will also deliver an immersive view, virtually transporting fans onto the field. The unprecedented event is made possible by T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network which enables high-definition cameras to transmit wirelessly, allowing for true mobility.

“Connectivity has never been more important – to connect people to family, work, school … and now America’s game,” said Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “5G will change the way we live, work, and play. A broadcast like this has never been done before, and it offers a glimpse at how wireless connectivity is set to transform the way we watch and interact with live sporting events and more … and how only T-Mobile is able to unleash the power of 5G with America’s only 5G network offering both coverage AND speed.”

“We are always exploring new ways to increase access to the game and players, bringing them closer to our fans, and this year that is more important than ever,” said Noah Garden, MLB Chief Revenue Officer. “Throughout our partnership, T-Mobile has continually brought innovation and creativity to their MLB promotions and this 5G BP streaming show is yet another great example of that. We’re looking forward to giving our fans this new perspective on the Fall Classic thanks to T-Mobile.”

“Through the power of T-Mobile’s 5G service, we are excited to offer fans a bird’s-eye view of what batting practice looks like from the perspective of a Major League baseball player,” said Evan Kaplan, Managing Director of MLB Players, Inc.

This special pre-game live stream will air before Game One of the World Series on the MLB app, MLB.TV,, Twitch, @MLB on Twitter, the Official MLB Facebook page, and the MLB VR app on Oculus, as well as T-Mobile’s Beyond the Bases page. Fans can check it out on Tuesday, October 20 in the hours before the first pitch. The broadcast will be produced by MLB Network and co-hosted by MLB Network’s Lauren Gardner and analyst Sean Casey.

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