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BSN's Most Valuable Franchises '20

After completing its 2020 season in a bubble format with substantial help from the Government of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican Basketball Federation (FBPUR), the Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN), and its Board of Directors will have great challenges to face prior to the 2021 season. Although the league had an explosion in its commercialization during the 2000s, it has been suffering from an economic crisis during the past decade. Every year there are fewer franchises competing in the league, lower budgets for each team, higher owners’ contributions, lack of different revenue streams, less government contribution for each team, and more debts in the operation of the remaining franchises. Despite the fact that BSN’s outreach has significantly been reduced in recent years, the league is still considered Puerto Rico’s preferred league among fans.

Throughout the years, the BSN has been recognized as one of the top competitions of the

Americas continent. Its beginnings date back to as early as 1930 - making the league one of the oldest in the world with 90 continuous years of serving basketball to the Puerto Rican community. BSN’s annual preparation, production, and post-tournament activities generate a significant impact on Puerto Rico’s economy (around twelfth million dollars in gross income per year), the island’s natural environment, and on local communities of the participating franchises. Despite basketball’s popularity among the island of Puerto Rico, where it is considered the island’s primary sport, its professionalization as a business has left much to be desired.

How much is each BSN franchise worth, and how much money does each franchise generate in revenue annually? - are just some of the questions that have always been present among the Puerto Rican fanbase. That is exactly what this market-research document developed by WIN-SportsBiz Forum aims to provide. Using a market-approach valuation method, WIN-SportsBiz Forum ranked from 1-10 all ten franchises of the BSN during the 2020 season.

To do so, five metrics were evaluated: franchise sporting history, socioeconomic indicators for each market of the ten participating franchises, operating revenues for each franchise from the 2019 season (interviewing nine-team representatives for each franchise), past sales from the last decade (2010-2020), and commercial partners for each franchise from the 2019 season.

Download the full 44 pages market-research document here:

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